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FPOs – FPOs are Farmers Producers Organizations consists of group of farmer members -

Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) is an entity formed by primary producers, viz. farmers, milk producers, fishermen, weavers, rural artisans, craftsmen. An FPO can be a Producer Company, a Cooperative Society or any other legal form which provides for sharing of profits/benefits among the members.

The main aim of an FPO is to ensure better income for the producers through an organization of their own. Small producers do not have the large marketable surplus individually (both inputs and produce) to get the benefit of economies of scale. Besides, in agricultural marketing, there is a long chain of intermediaries who very often work non-transparently leading to the situation where the producer receives only a small part of the value that the ultimate consumer pays.

Roles of FPOs-Aggregation Model- (Pre Mandi Operation)-

  • • To establish a collection centre to aggregate various lots of farmers, FPOs act as a custodian and facilitators for the member farmers produce
  • • Farmers remain the owners of their produce, price risk & return
  • • FPOs should aggregate similar quality of produce to make one lot, Separate lots should be made for different qualities
  • • Basic cleaning should be done by farmers for better price realization , Farmers to deliver produce at FPO’s collection centre
  • • FPOs to organize transport from collection centre to nearest e- NAM mandi & sensitize farmers to bring bigger lot sizes for ease of operations

Benefits to FPOs on e-NAM -

  • • Transparency in the trade
  • • Access to larger number of Buyers
  • • Intra Mandi Trade
  • • Inter Mandi Trade
  • • Correct weighment
  • • Assured & Timely online payment
  • • Personalized Dashboard and Information
  • • Access of Information on Mobile App about Prices and Trade

Benefits from Bank to FPOs on e-NAM-

  • • Banking facility along with Payment and Collection solution
  • • Need based Asset & Investment products and technology solution to FPOs & member farmers
  • • Relationship Manager – One point of contact to fulfill business needs & Monthly Meeting of FPCs to connect with farmers / Traders / Agents

FPOs e-NAM Registration Summary 14-06-2018

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Statewise List of Registered FPOs Download pdf